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Journalist, speaker and advisor on digital media. Considered one of Swedens most influential sociala media-expert and has worked with almost every major media house in Sweden.

Columnist in major newspaper Göteborgs-posten, and radio host on some of Swedens biggest radio shows. In 2014 titled ”rookie of the year” at the ”Grand national radio award”. In 2015 he was considered as Swedens third most influential journalist on Twitter, among other titles.

As a digital advisor I am working regularly with some of the biggest brands in Sweden. I have together with a client, Aftonbladet, created an open investigation-model for journalism that led to several nominees at the Grand investigative journalism-awards. In 2012 he co-founded the now disused citizen journalism-project Ajour. 2014 jurur of Digital media Asia awards. 2016 jurur at ”Grand national radio award”, the MEG media award, among others.

As a speaker I am sought after both nationally and internationally, speaking at many of the worlds biggest newspapers, as Hindustand Times in Dehli, Manorama Malayalam in Kerala and VnExpress in Vietnam. But also visiting and conducting conferences together with Wan-Ifra in Singapore.
As a speaker, lecturer or moderator my areas are mainly these:

Digital media trends
How to use social media in an ever changing world. Understanding the concept of what makes internet social will make your company adapt more easily to changes. Understanding how the web is moving right now will help you make the right strategic decisions that will save you money and increase your revenue.

Journalism in the digital era
Learning how journalism should be practiced in collaboration with the readers, and how to navigate in a digital infrastructure.

Social media and CSR
How your company should use social media to showcase your CSR or to earn the trust of the customer.


–          I value social media more now
–          Cool fun and relevant
–          Awesome – more!
–          Very good, excellent, inspiring
–          Cannot escape SM now
–          I liked they guy and the energy


Contact Emanuel Karlsten on kontakt@emanuelkarlsten.se
Cell: +46 702 77 20 30